To break the cycle of poverty, it is critical that children are educationally equipped to succeed in life.

Elgin Foundation believes that in the next six years it can elevate the reading levels of some 20,000 students annually who are one, two, and three years behind grade level. This will be accomplished in two highly visible initiatives in the elementary schools in the Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee counties that Elgin Foundation serves. Elgin’s goal is to get 90% percent of students to read on grade level before they leave the third grade.

Our initiative works to:

  • Cultivate changes within a school’s curriculum, priorities, testing, training, use of data and use of time
  • Create changes within the culture of the community to improve the foundations of literacy for children from birth to age five

We believe these changes working together will enable the gift of lifelong learning to be transferred to each new wave of kindergarten students entering the schools each year thereafter.

See how our reading program works in the stories of success for our kids.